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Links Shipping Company can provide a wide variety of NVOCC and ship agency services. We are fulfilling our clients’ demands and expectations for flexibility in the area of services. We are empowered to issue our personal shipment and file a declaration with customs as a licensed NVOCC in Qatar. Links Shipping Company offers NVOCC services with extensive resources, access, knowledge, and infrastructure to serve local, regional, and worldwide shipping operations. For quick and effective vessel turnaround, our 24/7 operations are anchored by in-depth local experience and solid relationships with port authorities. Our global network of reliable partners spans many continents.

What is an NVOCC and what does it do?

You’re probably wondering why people use NVOCC. Why don’t they contact the shipping companies directly? To be honest, NVOCC has a much better likelihood of responding than a shipping company.

NVOCC is far more adaptable and responsive to the needs of small enterprises. In fact, they’re more than likely to arrange for the most cost-effective delivery at the lowest freight rates for you. Isn’t it true that no one wants to miss out on competitive advantage? However, before you begin your search for NVOCC, it’s critical to understand their area of operations. NVOCC has the following functions:

  • Concluding international freight carriers contract with shippers as carriers.
  • Cargo carriers are being used to deliver and receive cargo.
  • Along with the House Bill of Lading, several transport papers are issued.
  • Booking space, as well as mainline carrier shipment, are handled.
  • Organizing payments for transit from one port to another, as well as other necessary fees.
  • Container consolidation and deconsolidation (breaking down a single cargo shipment into smaller shipments and processing them for final inland delivery directly from the port of entry to a retailer or distribution location.) via third-party services or the Container Freight Station (CFS).

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