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Cold Chain Logistics

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Every product follows a unique path through the supply chain. Consider a food item such as a bag of frozen peas. It must first be cultivated, then processed, packed, stored, transported, and finally sold. This supply chain could be managed by a single firm from beginning to finish, or it may involve several organizations.

Whether it’s one firm or countless, they’re all facing the same problem. They must ensure that products are preserved at an acceptable, safe temperature throughout the chain. Maintaining the cold chain is a unique job that necessitates specialized expertise, equipment, vehicles, and technology.

We go to great lengths to guarantee that your refrigerated shipment arrives on schedule and in good condition while preserving product quality. We’ve got you covered whether you’re entering a new market, require a simpler supply chain, predictable pricing, operational transparency, or a storage solution.

Furthermore, we want to help you save time and money by providing solutions that decrease complexity, handovers, and waste. In other words, we let you focus on growing your brand while we handle the logistics of your cold chain.


Get the most out of your frozen cargo

  • ·         Visibility from beginning to conclusion
  • ·         Specialists in refrigerated freight
  • ·         Network of cold storage facilities across the world
  • ·         Solutions tailored to your needs
  • ·         In-land and Worldwide Services

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